Jose was born in Chile. He grow up traveling with his mother,  watching her painting and teaching art around Chile. On 2010 he decided to become an artist. His school were his friends. He was living in New York when he started doing collage. Now he is based in Berlin, but travels all the time finding new ways and techniques to develop his art.


"Jose Romussi proposes a creative exercise based on experimentation with materials related to textile art, so we can appreciate a delicate and subtle but not for that aberrant and enigmatic proposal." José succeeded in completing a rebellious, generational and contemporary discourse. a reflection in tension with the atavistic and the ornamental, its manufacture gives way to an unstructured and free embroidery, emphasize the use of organic materials that make up an imperfect and expressionist geometric composition, on a support whose reverted origin, manages to high a poetic image in constant mobility and significance."


Solo Exhibtions

2015 "Crossing Over" Mommsenstrasse 35, 10629 , Berlin , Germany
2012 “Life is Beautiful”, ArtConnect Berlin, Germany
2012 “Dance”, Terminal 1 Local Project, Santiago, Chile
2011 “Jungle”, Espacio Openning, Santiago, Chile

Group Exhibtions

2017 "Stitched: Part II", Paradigm Gallery,  Philadelphia, USA

2016 Fotografien aus Collection SUSANE Von MEISS, C/O Berlin. Germany

2016 "Manipulation "  exhibit on the context of analogueNOW! festival for analogue photography 2016  

2014 "The Future is Now" International youth Designer Exhibition, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Beijing, China
2014 "The Embroidery Image" Robert Mann Gallery, New York, USA
2013  The Age of Collage” Space Gestalten, Berlin , Germany
2013 “Out of darkness comes light”, Chicago, USA
2012 “Acidmirage”, Gang of Berlin, Germany
2012 “Patchboxproject”, Roma , Italy
2012 “Things Fall Apart”, Berlin, Germany
2011 “Opening Weissensee”, Berlin, Germany
2011 “Gang Bang”, Salon AUDI, Santiago, Chile
2011 “Gang Bang”, Galeria CUATRO , Santiago, Chile
2010 LABORATORIO, CENTEX , Valparaiso, Chile

Arts Fairs
2014 The London Contemporary , London , UK
2013 BERLINER LISTE, Berlin, Germany
2013 STRARTA, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK
2013 Pinta London, Earls Court Exhibition Centre, London, UK
2013 Aordable Battersea, London, UK
2012 SCOPE, Miami, USA, Art
2012 Aordable Hampstead, London, UK
2012 “FAXXI”, Santiago, Chile
2012 MASDECO, Santiago, Chile

2013 International Competition NACH DER ARBEIT, BVG, Berlin, NBGK gallery

Book Publications

2018 “de FIL en AIGUILLE” La broderie dans l’art contemporain, Charlotte Vannier, PYRAMYD, Paris, France

 2015. Needle work. Stitched illustration /Ilustración con hilo. Monsa Editorial. Barcelona, Spain.

2014,  Contemporary Artist Hunt and Gather, Cut and Paste Mush up  and Transform, Danielle Krysa, USA

2014,  Contemporary Portraits, IndexBooks, ESP.

2013,  The Age of Collage, Gestalten, Germany

Other Publications

2016 , Jose Romussi y la Lomo'Instant Wide , Spain & Germany

2015 AAL  arte al Limite,  Artista Multidisciplinar | José Romussi, Chile

2014 Empty kingdom, Illustration & Art, Jose Romussi, mixed media
2013 IGNANT, NewSerie, Berlin, Germany
2013 Avec Magazine, South Korea
2013 Roma Magazine, Italy
2012 Berlin Art- Parasites Berlin, Germany 2012 IGNANT , Ballerinas, Berlin, Germany
2012 Diario las Ultimas Noticias, Chile 2012 D Magazine, la Repubblica, Italy
2012 Arabesque Zine- London, UK
2012 Gloss Mag, Magazine, Brazil
2011 Revista Masdeco, collages, Chile
2011 Revista Regia, ilustraciones Bs As-Argentina